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Since Buddhism's migration to the West, an explosion of Dharma texts has occurred, offering resources, insight, and methods for studying and forgetting the self.

Ongoing Courses

To register, please visit our Class Registration Form.

Note: The courses listed above are currently filled. Let us know if you are interested in joining by emailing us at

Teachings by Nancy

Nancy Spence offers several classes that will help you to deepen your study. Click for details and schedule:

Lay Minister Teachings

Those who have gone through Nancy's Lay Minister Training program have their own teachings to offer:

  • Precepts class: Weekly classes which include dharma lecture, discussion, and weekly practice for anyone inquiring into becoming a Buddhist.
  • CEOLT classes: The Center for End of Life Transitions. Learn to steer the last course of your life.

Teachings & Resources by Nancy

Below are some documents and presentations that you can enjoy at your own pace, in your own home. Click each to download.

  • How Buddhism Heals (powerpoint)
  • The Four Immeasurables (document)
  • 5 Hindrances (pdf file)
  • Eight-Fold Path (pdf file)
  • The Heart Sutra (document)
  • The Law of Karma (document)
  • The Women's Lineage (document)
  • Dying to Live (document)
  • Tonglen (document)

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