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Study: Lay Minister Teachings

Those who have gone through Nancy's Lay Minister Training program have their own teachings to offer:

Precepts Class

Taking refuge in Buddha's teaching, personally or publicly, is the way one becomes a Buddhist. Our sangha offers classes that include dharma lecture, discussion, and weekly practice for anyone inquiring into becoming a Buddhist. These classes are keyed to sections of the mala we use during our Daily Recitation. They are designed to deepen our inquiry into the Buddha's list of priorities for enlightenment:

  • The Four Noble Truths, including The Three Characteristics of Existence
  • Dependent Origination and Karma
  • The Eight-Fold Path, leading to meditation
  • Following the Precepts

This ongoing series rotates through 8 consecutive sessions, one of which is held every Sunday following the short Morning Service at Sangha House, 32 Mineral Dust Drive. A full 8-session cycle completes "Buddhism 101."

Taught by Nancy Spence, Dharma Teacher and the sangha's Lay Ministers. Be sure to bring a notebook and pen/pencil.

No one taking this class is obligated to take the Buddhist Precepts, and taking the Precepts does not obligate one to any teacher or Sangha. However, for anyone who attends all sessions and intends to become a Buddhist by taking the Precepts, Anattasati Magga will periodically offer a Precepts Ceremony.

CEOLT (The Center for End of Life Transitions) Class

By settling the matters of your world and making decisions (cremation, burial, life support, organ donation, etc.) ahead of time, you create an opportunity to enter your end of life, the moment of death and what may follow, with greater awareness and freedom.

CEOLT offers courses in

  • End of Life Advocacy
  • End of Life Initiatives
  • Home Funeral Guidance

Visit the CEOLT website for schedules and more information.


Visit our Registration Form for dates and sign-up information.


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